The Forgotten – Season 1

Welcome to The Forgotten. With this experiment I have the intention to bring back some of those forgotten Marvel characters in a series of blog posts.

Those characters will be divided into four categories:

  • Summon: A character that has been gone for our weekly dosis for far too long (4 entries)
  • Block: A character thas has been gone a long time, but it’s OK if it stays that way (2 entries)
  • Promote: A character that we have seen lately, but it has never had the spotlight. The classic cameo or guest appearance that deserves its own solo series (1 entry)
  • Kick: A character, that currently has its own comic or it’s in a regular team comic, that we want to box in order to make place for The Forgotten (1 entry)

In those blog posts several questions will be answered: Who are they? Which are their powers or skills? Why should they came back or why shouldn’t? How will they be back? And anything that suites me during the wirting of the posts.

Those articles will be totally based on my personal tastes and they shouldn’t be taken as law.

There is no character too obscure for The Forgotten!

Feel free to fill your own grid if you feel like it.

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